The Bunch is a group of Britain’s best independent wine merchants which champions the causes of both the independent wine trade and individual, grower-made wines. It meets regularly and its activities have included the formulation of a Code of Practice, the establishment of the popular Bunch Journalist Tasting and the sharing of interesting bottles and news at The Bunch Lunch and Dinner.

Meetings are structured but informal, with the emphasis on the open and frank exchange of views. Membership is limited to the number that can comfortably gather around a small table, to combine the benefits of full participation and effective decision-making. The Bunch was founded with serious ends in view but also to enable its members to enjoy the pleasures which the wine trade exists to serve; the combination of delicious wines, good food and agreeable conversation. It was established in 1993 at the instigation of wine merchant, Graham Chidgey.

The members of The Bunch are Yapp Brothers, Tanners, Corney & Barrow, Lea & Sandeman, Adnams, Private Cellar & Haynes Hanson & Clark; represented by Tom Ashworth, James Tanner, Adam Brett-Smith, Charles Lea, James Davis, Laura Taylor and Jim Eustace, respectively.

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