“The Annual Bunch Press Tasting is a coming together of wines from the premier league of independent wine merchants…who between them sell most of the world’s desirable wines”

Scotland on Sunday

“Together the members [of The Bunch] provide some of the finest offerings of the wine world”

Off Licence News

” … a coalition of independent wine merchants offering quirky lists and a personal touch”

The Daily Telegraph

“The point of the Bunch Tasting is about tasting the sorts of wines that you can rarely buy in supermarkets, not because all are expensive – they aren’t – but because they are made in finite volumes by people who want their wines to express a flavour of the place from which they come”

The Sunday Times

“Six of Britain’s most innovative wine merchants”

Daily Mail

“Between them, they combine as broad a range of fine wines as you’ll find in the country….But posh needn’t mean stuffy, and while these merchants will do grand and expensive if that’s what you want, they also cater for the vast majority of wine drinkers for whom value and excitement go together”

The Independent

“This week I attended a tasting organised by ‘The Bunch’ ….. It was a superb tasting, just crammed to the gunnels with characterful wines. It was such an antidote to the big brands and the half dozen big grape varieties.”

Tom Cannavan’s wine-pages.com

“I hanker after those interesting wines from small producers that don’t make it on to the supermarket shelves. Although it can be hard to know where to begin, a good starting point is a cluster of six wine merchants who jointly promote themselves under the name “the Bunch”.

The Guardian

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